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As many of you know, my name is Bob Grounds.  I was a Pet Groomer for many years, which lead to me helping put together a charity benefit concert in 08 to help a local shelter raise money for a spay/neuter clinic for low income families. 

The show was a mild success.  It didn't do too bad, but I wanted to help animals on a much larger scale, so I built the website:  http://www.eyesofadog.com/  

Basically, the idea was to build a nation wide data base of every single pet rescue and adopotion center all across America.  It can help anyone nation wide find their nearest pet adoption facility.  However, even the best tools are useless unless people know its out there. 

I built a few different facebook pages for various interests so people who would never normally hear about us...would.  If your into hot rods, exotic rides of any kind, you'll love the awesome rides page.   If your into Halloween, anything horror, spooky or music related, you'll love our facebook page: Graveyard Dance.  The pages are listed below.  If your an animal lover, please LIKE all of them and have your friends do it as well.  Especially the Eyes of a Dog page. 

By "LIKING" the pages below, your allowing your friends and family to discover them as well.  The more people who see's them, the more animals that will be saved from being put to sleep.   Thank you in advance.   Bob Grounds. 

Eyes of a Dog Facebook page

Awesome Rides Facebook Page

Graveyard Dance Facebook Page

My own Facebook Page

Feel free to LIKE or Add my pages.   I would love to hear from anyone who is an animal lover or who would like to help. 

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